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Why Should You Source PPE from the Bulk PPE Suppliers in the USA?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturers and suppliers in the United States can offer high-quality PPE gear at affordable price tags. As one of the leading bulk PPE suppliers in the USA, Co-Defend offers factory-direct pricing and quick turnaround times, on our products. Co-defend cuts through medical supply chains, providing people with direct access to the most trusted PPE suppliers in the medical industry. We have a large network of trusted suppliers in Asia and the USA so you can place bulk orders for medical-grade PPE gear as and when required in the fight against COVID-19.

PPE is a broad category of gear designed to protect the wearers from diseases, infections, chemical, biological, and other physical hazards. Today, PPE manufacturers in the USA are highly in demand due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and medical supply chain challenges. As one of the reliable PPE suppliers in the USA, Co-Defend is helping healthcare workers and reopening businesses stay safe during the global pandemic by ensuring continuous supply PPE gear and medical devices at affordable pricing.

As Bulk PPE Suppliers in the USA, We Wholesale:

  • Ply non-medical masks
  • Surgical masks
  • N95 Respirators
  • Latex powder-free gloves
  • Protection clothes
  • Sanitizers, and more.

Why Choose Co-Defend for PPE and Medical Supplies?

At Co-defend, you are assured of quality, durability, and affordability. Here are a few reasons why many people are choosing Co-Defend as their premier PPE suppliers in the medical industry:

  • Durability: Our products are meant for repeated use. The products are made with medical-grade polypropylene and silicone rubber.
  • Comfort: This PPE gear that we supply is made from flexible polypropylene and comes with a highly adjustable silicone strap to tighten the PPE according to your preference.
  • Quality: At Co-Defend, quality is our priority. We have a network of trusted and ISO 13485 certified PPE manufacturers in the USA so you are assured of the quality of all our products.
  • Fast Delivery: We are committed to shipping all of our products within the shortest possible timeframe. Smaller PPE orders are shipped within 2-3 business days.
  • Wholesale Pricing: We offer bulk orders on this website for PPE gear in quantities of 20, 40, 80, and 120, as well as individual units. We can also provide you with a free quote for bulk orders.

What is PPE and Why Source It from Bulk PPE Suppliers in the USA?

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE refers to specific gear supplies used by healthcare, chemical lab, construction, or industrial workers to protect themselves against any hazards. In the current scenario, most people are interested in knowing what PPE gear is in response to the COVID-19 and PPE shortage affecting healthcare professionals, cleaning services, medical practitioners, grocery store staff, Uber drivers, office staff, teachers, and many other essential workers of our communities. Typically, it acts as a barrier between a person’s mouth, eyes, nose, and skin, and external bacteria and viruses.

Today, the United States is experiencing an acute shortage of the essential PPE gear due to sudden demand spikes during the pandemic and dependence on international supply chains. By sourcing from bulk PPE suppliers in the USA, a business will have access to better quality products, customer service, and fast delivery times.

PPE Standards and Safety is Industry-specific

PPE gear is used in a variety of industries including public safety, construction, science, healthcare, etc. There are various types of PPE within industries, depending on the unique levels of regulatory oversight.

For instance, OSHA, the U.S. Department of Labor, review equipment for construction, marine, shipyard, longshoring, and general industry. Any supplies that come under OSHA jurisdiction must adhere to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, according to their website.

They also specify that the industry-specific PPE is designed to protect workers against work-related contact with chemical, mechanical, electrical, and other dangers.

FDA, PPE Gear, and PPE Suppliers in the Medical Industry

In the case of COVId-19, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulatory oversight and guidance concerning various types of PPE supplies as it falls under the category of the medical device. Since there are different levels of medical devices, they all require unique manufacturer certifications, testing, and more.

The federal government has suggested that PPE should be worn by medical professionals and not the general public. If you have any queries or need information on the status of PPE during the coronavirus pandemic, you may visit the CDC official website and consult your physician.

For example, the N95 respirator is designed to obstruct a minimum of 95% of particles. This type of essential PPE gear is subject to FDA regulations, while other crucial types of PPE for reducing the spread of coronavirus, such as ventilators, face masks, testing, and many other essential medical supplies.

Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Workplace gear can be categorized based on the industry type and its application. For example, hand gloves alone are categorized into six types depending on their application. If you’re looking to buy PPE gear should consult with their physician and gain knowledge of your workplace and industry.

Most people are divided into five subcategories including:

  1. Respiratory protection
  2. Face and eye protection
  3. Hand protection
  4. Hearing protection
  5. Body protection

PPE Examples for Respiratory or Airborne Precautions

  • Medical-grade surgical masks
  • N-95 respirators
  • Respirator cartridges
  • Half-mask respirators
  • Full-face respirators

Face masks are typically categorized on the basis of the level of protection against droplet precautions or airborne pathogens. To ensure the effectiveness of these masks, this type of PPE gear must be subject to specific and extensive testing for a PPE manufacturer to any type of claim. This is known as ASTM testing.

As per ASTM testing, there are five levels of face mask protection:

  • ASTM Level 3
  • ASTM Level 2
  • ASTM Level 1
  • Low Performance
  • Minimum performance

Normally, the higher the ASTM level, the higher will be the fluid or droplet resistance and filtration efficiency.

PPE Gear for Droplet Precautions

In the cases of high contagions such as COVID-19, Ebola, and influenza, the PPE items may include gown, gloves, face mask depending on the interaction and advice of your physician, and supplies for the infected patients as well as cleaning and isolation procedures.

Examples of PPE for Face and Eye Protection

Examples of this type of PPE gear include:

  • Safety glasses (general)
  • Laser safety glasses`
  • Chemical or infectious droplet goggles
  • Impact goggles
  • Face Shields

PPE Gear for Hand Protection

Your choice of gloves depends on the unique industry-specific standards. Some of the examples of PPE for hand protection include:

  • Insulated gloves
  • Wire mesh gloves
  • Heavy chemical resistant gloves
  • Light chemical resistant gloves
  • Light-heavy chemical resistant gloves
  • Light latex, nitrile, or vinyl gloves. These types of gloves have several subsets depending on the level of biological hazards.

PPE Supplies for Hearing Protection

The examples of personal protective equipment for hearing protection include:

  • Hearing band
  • Reusable earplugs
  • Disposable earplugs

Examples of PPE for Body Protection Based on the Industry Type

Various industries require some sort of body protection ranging from a vest to a hazmat suit. Here are a few examples

  • Plastics, rubber or fabrics made from rubber, or neoprene. This type of PPE is basically for work with hazardous chemicals
  • Fire/Flame-resistant materials
  • Cotton or mixed cotton materials

Sourcing from Bulk PPE Suppliers in the USA is Equal to Better Products, Pricing, and Faster Delivery Time

As businesses reopen, it is important to use durable and affordable PPE gear. As one of the leading bulk PPE suppliers in the USA, we connect people with the most trusted PPE manufacturers and PPE suppliers in the medical industry that can offer factory-direct pricing. If you’re looking for high-quality PPE gear and medical supplies from authorized PPE manufacturers in the USA, Co-Defend is your premier destination.

Know the Real Value of Personal Protective Equipment Amid Covid-19 & Stay Protected

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