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The flare of Covid-19 has spread all across the globe and there is a rising urgency to protect self and others with safety equipment. Undoubtedly, masks have become a prominent necessity for everyone to stay protected against airborne disease while being outside.

To maximize the defence against the pandemic, wearing any of the N95 masks is a single-best solution. Available in an extensive range, N95 masks are also known as a respirator, which has multi-layer protective components to provide optimum coverage to nose, mouth, and face. It is a tight-fitting face mask that acts as a favourable shield for the wearers to inhale properly, stay away from airborne microorganisms, vapours, and fumes.

These are two-way protected face masks that prevent the entrance of contaminated aerosols and fluids. N95 masks feature a multi-layer network of protection that completely prevents them from not including airborne substances. The mask purifies the air when the user inhales it. It also blocks the harmful particles on the outer surface itself while keeping the protection level so high.

Respirator or N95 masks come in different types and layering to offer an optimum level of safety against Covid-19. We here at Co-Defend offer high-quality and N95 Masks made in USA only that are further classified into different categories like N95, N95w, FFP2 and FFP3. Our extensive range of N95 masks meet the global safety standards and is trusted by a wide range of hospitals and industries, who buy in bulk from us.

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Products We Offer

There is an exponential increase in the demand for N95 masks all across the USA. Fully approved by FDA and recommended by WHO, N95 masks have become absolutely necessary for healthcare professionals and industrial workers at the workplace. Thus, to meet the growing demand, we offer the best N95 respirator mask in distinctive varieties and in bulk to protect people and surroundings to a maximum extent.

  • N95 Respirator Mask

    N95 Respirator Mask is a highly efficient face mask that offers a maximum level of 95% protection from airborne particles. It is a close fit face mask and adjustable with the presence of a nosepiece. It offers close-level filtration of the particles and offers only 8% leakage inside. The FDA approved face mask further offers a high fluid resistance of 160mmHg and completely protects the face, nose, and mouth.

  • N95w/NIOSH Mask

    N95w/NIOSH is another high-level quality of face respirator that effectively covers the mouth, face, and nose. It offers a very close protected environment against harmful airborne particles. Equipped with an adjustable nosepiece, the face mask offers a 95% protection level and a maximum leakage level inside to 8%.

  • FFP2 and FFP3 Respirators

    FFP2 and FFP2 are Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFRs) that are effectively used at manufacturing sites, agricultural land, and by healthcare professionals to stay protected against influenza viruses. These disposable respirators offer the maximum filtration capacity of 94% and leakage level of 8%. Fully adjustable as per the different face cut, such respirators come packed with a nosepiece along with valve and without valve option.

What Co-Defend Can Offer?

Co-Defend Can Offer

A face mask is no longer an option but a must-have protective measure to deal with the rising issue of the pandemic. We offer a bulk supply of N95 masks across distinctive industrial sectors with the purpose to bring in optimum protection against airborne disease. Here, we manufacture high-quality and FDA approved N95 face masks of different types to offer a personalized level of safety while being outside. Moreover, we further deal in supplying the bulk quantities of PPE kits, medical equipment, and other safety devices all across the USA.


The N95 mask is a multi-layered face respirator with having a valve for seamless breathing. It offers high-level protection against the Covid-19 virus by preventing the movement of harmful particles by 95%. Such a face mask properly covers the face, mouth, and nose, along with offering an adjustable nosepiece.

The major difference lies between the N95 mask and surgical masks are the filtration level. N95 respirators are multi-layered adjustable masks that offer a very close protection level against airborne disease particles. On the other side, surgical face masks do not offer a filter to prevent smaller air particles.

3M N95 is a disposable particulate respirator that helps to provide reliable respiratory protection and at least 95% of the filtration level to the wearers. One can easily buy a 3M N95 mask for sale in bulk from us at a cost-effective price.

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