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Co-Defend is undoubtedly a cornerstone for maintaining an optimum level of safety for humans around. We offer an extensive range of personal protective equipment to widely safeguard the nation and stay protected against the airborne disease of Covid-19. Our extensive range of protection starts with taking certain precautionary measures by first checking the health status of individuals at the industrial workplace or anywhere. For this, we offer a non-contact medical thermometer to measure the fast and accurate temperature of people at the workplace.

Since the arrival of the pandemic, the demand for non-contact thermometers at different industrial sectors like manufacturing plans, retail stores, warehouses, etc., has increased to an optimum extent. Being a responsible and one of the leading medical treatment manufacturers, we offer high-quality non-contact thermometers in bulk for enterprises to check the temperature of workers in a no-contact way and rapidly.

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By looking at the rapid spread of the highly contagious virus of Covid-19, using a non-contact thermometer with a high-quality sensor detection feature has become a necessity. Whether at diverse healthcare centres, industrial workplaces, manufacturing units, and stores, people find it mandated to use this medical device of detecting the symptoms of the airborne disease by first checking a person’s body temperature. The bacterial infection requires precise body temperature measurements and that too without making any contact.

Thus, to meet the widespread demand for non-contact thermometers widely across workplaces, we offer the device in bulk at an affordable price. As one of the pioneer medical thermometer manufacturers in USA, we find it our esteemed responsibility to supply the best-engineered temperature screening device to widescale industries.

The non-contact thermometer is a specially manufactured device whose demand is expected to increase at a CAGR of over 11% from 2018-2024. We offer a value for money thermometer to easily screen a person’s temperature at a distance of 5cm and quickly find the probability of infection. Moreover, the non-contact thermometer offered by us has the ability to measure temperature in both C and F along with compact & easy handling and digital display feature.

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Infrared Thermometer Wholesale

We at Co-Defend is a pioneer name in the industry of bulk manufacturing and supply of PPE kits and medical devices. For us, maintaining an optimum level of health and safety at the workplace has of prime importance. We offer a high-quality range of infrared thermometer wholesale products at a cost-effective price. It offers easy to reach access across multiple individuals and detect temperature quickly to ensure a safe workplace. Moreover, we endeavour to offer highly secured medical kits and other devices to enrich the level of people safety and taking precautionary measures against the airborne disease.

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As the name implies, a contact thermometer involves direct contact with the patient to measure the level of temperature. It offers accurate and wide temperature measurements. However, during the present condition of the pandemic, it is not safe and viable to use a contact thermometer across a wide number of people. Therefore, a digital non-contact thermometer comes into play by detecting the temperature of a person without making any direct contact and offers the results within few seconds only.

Handheld non-contact thermometers have become a mandated choice at work environments to widely check the temperature of workers quickly. The choice of a well-functioning and fast operative non-contact thermometer must be based on essential features like quick detection of temperature, digital display, accuracy, emissivity, and more.

Using a non-contact thermometer is a safe big for medical professionals or anyone working at any manufacturing, industrial or retail site. One can screen the actual temperature of a person without getting into close contact. Also, the device detects temperature quickly within a fraction of seconds and show the result on its digital display. Thus, for all these reasons, using a non-contact thermometer is highly beneficial as compared to the contact device.

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