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Protecting themselves and the people around us has become a priority for healthcare providers and workers. In the midst of the pandemic situation prevailing all around, it is necessary to safeguard others and being conscious about the preventive measures to avoid the spread of the airborne virus within surroundings. Wearing a PPE gown has become a mandatory affair for medical service providers at hospitals, workers at manufacturing sites, and other highly contagious areas.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) personal protective equipment including a PPE Gown as well, is an essential garment to protect the wearer from the spread of infection and avoid direct touching of hands. Being one of the leading medical gown distributors, we cover the extensive part of the USA to maintain the bulk supplies of PPE kits across the industrial sector, hospitals, and more. We diligently follow the seamless supply of PPE gowns and other equipment as part of our infection-control strategy.

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Products We Offer

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the demand for PPE gowns manufacturing has increased to an optimum extent. Here at Co-Defend, we offer FDA approved PPE gowns for professionals working in healthcare settings to prevent the spread of infection among patients and other people. The high-quality manufacturing of bulk gowns further allows the wearer to prevent close contact with infected material and further avoid the spread of germs or microorganisms among vulnerable patients. PPE gowns have become an essential addition to the protective equipment required at hospitals and different workplaces to avoid respiratory droplets and maintain a fully protected environment.

We offer different varieties of fully protective PPE gowns in bulk to fulfil the requirements of healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other industrial sectors.

  • Surgical Gowns

    Surgical Gowns

    The Class II medical device Surgical Gowns are FDA approved protective equipment. It is made up of disposable fabric and is highly used at medical institutions, especially for healthcare workers to wear during a surgical procedure. The highly protected disposable fabric of the gown protects both the wearer and the patients by preventing the transfer of microorganisms, fluid, particulate matter, and more. Surgical PPE gowns offer the controlled nature of protective measures along with having critical key zones to cover like top shoulders to knees, arms with a cuff to elbow and above.

  • Surgical Isolation Gowns

    Surgical Isolation Gowns

    Ideally meant for medium to high-level risk of contamination, Surgical Isolation Gowns are Class II FDA approved protective equipment. These gowns offer a critical level of protection with having a slightly different outlook due to having no bindings, hems, and cuffs. The disposable fabric of the gown protects the wearer against liquids and solid particles and further restrain the movement of the virus.

  • Non-Surgical Gowns

    Non-Surgical Gowns

    These are Class I disposable personal protective gowns that prevent the transfer of body fluids and microorganisms. These gowns are ideally meant for low or minimal risk patient isolation situations to safeguard the wearer and other individuals around. Such non-surgical gowns are not meant to wear while performing surgeries, invasive procedures, or any medical treatment. Individuals working at distinctive industrial sites can make use of non-surgical gowns to stay optimally protected.

What Co-Defend Can Offer?

The world is facing the upheaval of Covid-19 that requires strategic and an optimum level of preventive measures to control the spread. We at Co-Defend, play a pivotal role as a medical gown manufacturer in the USA, keeping our supplies seamless and instant across the extensive boundaries of healthcare units, manufacturing industries, and a wide range of industrial sectors. PPE Gown is one of the highly used protective equipment that we offer in bulk and as per the certified approach of the FDA. Moreover, we bring a complete range of face masks, PPE kits, and other essentials to meet the safety requirements of different working sectors spread widely across all over the USA.

Co-Defend Can Offer


It is one of the effective and protective disposable medical gowns preferred for healthcare professionals and industrial workers to wear at the workplace. Starting all the way from the top of the shoulders to the knee, the gown safeguards the wearer from getting affected by the virus, prevent the spread of microorganisms on clothes, and keeping other pollutants away.

In a healthcare and industrial workplace setting, it is imperative for workers to stay protected and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Thus, it is recommended to wear a full-fledged PPE kit including the mask, shoes, glasses, head cover, and PPE gown to restrain the attachment of any liquid and solid particles. Especially, recommended for doctors while doing different surgical procedures.

We offer wholesale price and bulk supplies of personal protective equipment in the USA. All the products we have are FDA approved and finely tested to provide an optimum level of protection.

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