3 Ply Non Medical Mask for Covid

One big change that people have experienced after the widespread wave of Covid-19 is wearing protective face masks. A mandatory state of affairs for people in the USA to wear a face mask at the restaurant, in a grocery store, while travelling, or doing anything while outside. Masks are a simple yet effective barrier to prevent the entrance of respiratory droplets and curb the issue of a rising pandemic. Thus, to bring the importance of wearing a high-quality mask, Co-Defend is fully responsible to offer bulk quantities of 3 Ply Non Medical masks to business entities, organizations, manufacturing, units, and several industries.

Here at Co-Defend, we offer bulk supplies of personal protective equipment to professional entities for safeguarding the community as a whole. For a long time, we have invested our vested interest in expediating the bulk quantities of protective gear including face masks to curb the rising issue of Covid-19. 3 Ply Non Medical mask for Covid is one of our reliable safety offerings, designed specifically to prevent the inhalation of non-oily airborne pollutants.

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Products We Offer

Minimize transmission of Covid-19 disease or any other airborne respiratory issue by staying protected with a face mask. We offer a plethora of face masks meant for different personal and public settings to feel protected against transmitted diseases. 3 Ply Non Medical Masks are one of our finest offerings for people of all age groups. We offer the highest quality non medical surgical masks in bulk for professional settings to safeguard the resources and people around us.

Being one of the leading 3 Ply Non Medical face mask suppliers, we offer FDA approved face pieces that cover the following few features:

  • Triple Layers

    Triple Layers

    The masks have 3-ply layers to prevent the inhalation of non-oily airborne particles. The blue outer layer and the white inner layer of the mask is made up of non-woven materials. Also, a polypropylene filtration layer is used in the middle of the mask to provide an added level of protection.

  • N95w/NIOSH Mask

    N95w/NIOSH Mask

    N95w/NIOSH is another high-level quality of face respirator that effectively covers the mouth, face, and nose. It offers a very close protected environment against harmful airborne particles. Equipped with an adjustable nosepiece, the face mask offers a 95% protection level and a maximum leakage level inside to 8%.

  • BFE Protected

    BFE Protected

    The masks are standard Bacteria Filter Efficiency (BFE) certified to resist bacterial penetration. It has a resista nce range of at least 95% and lets you protected from harmful air particles while being outside.

  • Regulatory Compliant

    Regulatory Compliant

    3 Ply non medical masks are 100% certified in accordance with the Chinese standard GB/T 32610-2016.

  • High Breathability

    High Breathability

    The soft and lightweight material of the mask makes it ideal for long hours and outside usage. Feel the low breathing resistance, soft material wearing comfort, and universal design element.

  • Disposable

    The maximum time range of wearing a 3 ply non medical mask for Covid is 4-5 hours. It can be disposed of after a single usage and should not be pass on to other people.

What Co-Defend Can Offer?

Co-Defend Can Offer

Co-Defend is a trusted and chosen manufacturer and supplier of 3 Ply Non-Medical Masks in USA for diverse institutions across the globe. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are proficient in delivering impeccable personal protective equipment supplies and seamless deliveries to diverse sectors. We offer wholesale and bulk supplies of face masks and other protective gear to combat the rising issue of Covid-19. Also, we are determined to alleviate the shortage of PPE kits and face masks.

  1. High in quality and excellent service offerings
  2. Reasonable price of PPE kits & other protective equipment
  3. Fully certified and FDA approved products
  4. Pioneer PPE supplier in the USA maintaining a regular supply
  5. Fast and safe delivery of products to meet diverse medical requirements


Yes, wearing a 3 ply non-medical face mask can make you feel protected for at least 4-5 hours against airborne particles. Feel completely safe wearing this mask and prevent the issue of Covid-19.

If you are outside the workplace, grocery store, restaurant, or any other place, do wear a mask all time. Stay protected against the airborne disease or from an already infected person around you.

We offer wholesale price and bulk supplies of personal protective equipment in the USA. All the products we have are FDA approved and finely tested to provide an optimum level of protection.

Wear a 3 Ply Non-Medical Face Mask to Stay Safe Against Airborne Particle Diseases