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Co-Defend is a leading and pioneers USA based face mask supplier & manufacturer meeting the widespread safety equipment need of people and industries. We offer high-quality face masks for everyday usage and stay protected against airborne diseases and viruses. Our focus is on building sustainable, comfortable, and cost-effective range of face masks for people of all age groups.

Due to the increase in Covid-19 crises, we began to unfold and bridge the gap between optimum demand and supply of high-quality face masks all across the USA. Being a trusted mask whole distributor, we ensure the fact that the safest and easiest solution to curb the issue of the rising virus is by wearing protective gear. The face mask is an essential and must-have component for people to stay away from the spread of the virus among people and contribute much to society by following all the safety norms completely.

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In the meantime take a look at our products:

  • Non-Medical 3-ply EN149

    It is a breathable and elastic ear loops face mask which has a medium fluid resistance level. A single-time wearing face mask like this one size fits for all is available at an affordable price.

  • Non-Medical FDA Level 1Mask

    Disposable surgical masks that have got level 1 protection certification from America’s FDA. These are comfortable wear, breathable, and universal size masks for all.

  • Medical 3-ply EN14683: L1

    Especially manufactured for medical professionals to perform surgery and wear this mask to prevent the effect of fluid, spray or any other aerosols. The top-rated features include breathable, one-size-fits for all and elastic ear loops.

  • Medical 3-ply EN14683:L2

    This one is also meant to perform surgical procedures without experiencing the effect of fluids and sprays. Certified and FDA approved masks are universal in size for all.

  • FFP2 and FFP3 Respirators

    Filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) are high-quality disposable respirators. These are mainly used at laboratories, construction sites, agricultural farms, and more. Easy breathing and speaking masks provide optimum protection against coronavirus.

  • KN95/KF94 Respirators

    K95 are identical face masks of N95 that are high in demand these days. These are listed as alternative face protection by the CDC and FDA. The remarkable features include an adjustable nosepiece, easy breathing/speaking, and a mask that protects the chin, nose, and mouth.

  • N95 Respirator- FDA Registered

    Certified and FDA approved N95 masks are the most efficient choices of face protection against even minute airborne particles. Available in comfortable and adjustable wearing and nosepiece, these masks provide a close facial fit and very efficient filtration benefit.

  • N95 w/NIOSH

    Another piece of face protection that offers an efficient level of filtration is this N95 w/NIOSH. It prevents the entrance of airborne particles inside the nose and mouth. Such masks also offer additional protection against liquid contaminating the face.

Challenges in the Market?

Challenges in the Market

The world has experienced a major hit due to the unexpected arrival of Covid-19. It arises the greater need to follow self-protection measures to prevent the spread of the virus among others. Wearing protective health supplies is one of the crucial phenomena to stay protected against airborne diseases. But lies the major challenge of getting the required and high-quality supplies of face masks and other personal protective equipment.

During such challenging times, Co-defend, one of the renowned face mask suppliers in the USA, come forward to bridge the gap between bulk supplies masks across industry and medical organizations. We offer protective and FDA approved face masks of diverse ranges in bulk quantities and that too at an affordable price to save lives all around.

Why Choose Codefend?

Co-Defend is a helping hand that cuts through the medical supply chains by offering high-quality protective medical supplies. We have an exclusive network of trusted suppliers who rely on us to deliver high-quality, durable, and fully protected face masks and other protective equipment. Being a pioneer and leading wholesale mask suppliers in the USA, we go an extra mile of efforts in manufacturing face masks to expedite the rising issue of Covid-19. We aim to keep the nation disease and virus free against which we follow FDA guidelines and industry best practices to make a diverse range of masks to curb health issues.

Why Choose Codefend?


Despite the slowing pace of the pandemic, still, it is mandatory to wear a face mask while being outside to stay protected. It is also necessary to curb the issue of coronavirus completely in the USA and other parts of the world by following Covid-19 safety protocols at all quarters.

Wholesale face maks dealers and manufacturers in the USA are trusted entities that offer bulk and high-quality face masks and PPE kits. Like us, we offer industrial units and enterprise the best ever range of personal protective equipment, certified and approved by the FDA to maintain complete safety in all surroundings.

Trust and seamless supply of FDA approved face masks, PPE kits, and medical devices is everything to improve life and diminish diseases. For such reasons, we are considered as the most trustworthy personal protective equipment and face mask suppliers in the USA to meet diverse industrial needs.

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