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US Preparing for “Just-In-Case” Pandemic to Minimize the Nationwide Impact

The world was not ready for the SARS-CoV-2, better known as the COVID-19 situation during the starting months of 2020. The major challenge was to understand the brutal impact of the contagious virus and take necessary steps to curb the rising issue of spreading across the nations.

In the midst of all this, frontline workers, especially healthcare professionals had to face the dual issue of treating infected patients. And, also faced an acute shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kits). This particular hurdle became evident in the months of March and April of 2020, specifically under the healthcare systems of New York.

The reason for the initial shortage of PPE kits was due to the just-in-time approach followed by several personal protective manufacturers, suppliers, and logistic group. The purpose behind this is to increase profit margins by meeting the dire need for protective medical clothing and sell at a substantially higher price.

Such horrifying incident of following only profit matter just-in-time approach is conducted as a strategy of preparedness before the pandemic. Just like, countries witnessed the acute shortage of saline during the outbreak of Hurricane Maria.

Introduction of Just-In-Case System

After witnessing the usual and prevailing shortage of PPE kits at the required hotspots and the current strategy of following of Just-in-time approach. Much will be changed from now by looking at the dramatic transition from just-in-time to Just-in-Case.

Strategy is familiar to the US government that invests billions of dollars in maintaining the weapon and artillery efficiency of the defence, ensuring stockpiles of weapons, and updated to counter intelligence technologies. Similarly, the government is taking the initiative to maintain a large pile of stock of PPE kits supplied by reliable medical protective clothing suppliers in the US. The purpose is to maintain the quality of life by preparing the effectiveness and stock of proper safety measures well in advance.

Trusted PPE manufacturers have already started taking necessary steps to follow the new approach of meeting the outcome of the current or any other virus-infected pandemic ahead.

  1. Bulk PPE manufacturers are already maintaining an extensive supply of products to meet the global uncertain and unpredictable challenges.
  2. Increasing flexibility in terms of scaling up the production infrastructure that ultimately helps to meet rising demand ahead.
  3. Factories are repurposed to increase the needed supplies tying up more capital. This could be expensive at the initial point but increase the inevitability of future pandemics and climatic events.

 Steps Required to Implement Just-In-Case Approach

  1. The overall healthcare system should be ready for the preparedness of the pandemic arising out of the blue. The system needs to maintain an advanced stockpile of medical equipment and materials like PPE kits, ventilators, bed, linens, trash cans, tents, isolation gear, air filters, oxygen cylinders, and everything that goes under short supply during the time of any pandemic.
  2. It is advised the hospital and clinical staff undergo pandemic training and teachings to maintain protocols. It needs to be done in advance that allows medical professionals to have a general idea of coping up with uncertainty and further take steps to control the same.
  3. Frontline workers should be aware of donning and doffing of wearing and handling PPE kit to control the waste and maintain efficiency.
  4. Concerning the transition to a just-in-case strategy, the national government should be ready with funding infusion to local public health departments. Advanced allocation of funds needs to be done well in advance to bring strong expertise to the healthcare department.

Wrapping Up

Preparing for future pandemic threats is an active process to collaborate, coordinate, and better communicate with the complete healthcare system. The purpose is to prevent the usual shortage of medical facilities, especially PPE kits and equipment that work effortlessly to curb the issue at the right time. You can also follow the much-needed just-in-case approach. And, get in touch with Codefend as the reliable bulk PPE suppliers in the USA to get the necessary stock of medical clothing kits.

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