Non-Contact Thermometer

Non-Contact Thermometer an Easy & Fast to Way to Detect COVID-19

The whole world is cramping due to the onslaught of COVID-19. Countries and cities came to a standstill with the rapid rise of a highly contagious virus. Now, the vaccine has hit the doors giving a ray of hope to curb the issue of spreading the virus. Still, people live in constant fear of not getting affected by the serious disease. Thus, early detect the symptoms of this deadly virus by using of Non-Contact Thermometer.

Places like shopping malls, educational institutes, public transport, and commercial areas are well-endowed with effective Coronavirus weapons like face masks, sanitizers, and most important & clinically proven non-contact thermometers.

What is a Non-Contact Thermometer?

You must have utilized a thermometer to check the body’s temperature whenever feeling low. A non-contact thermometer detects the temperature of a person without touching the body and uses infrared technology. Using this no-contact temperature machine helps not just to detect but also prevent the spread of the virus. According to the global research report, the demand for non-contact thermometers will witness an increase in CAGR of 11% from 2018-2024. Also, you can contact reliable bulk PPE suppliers in USA for getting the best-priced and highest quality infrared thermometer.

Different Types of Non-Contact Thermometers

A non-contact or infrared thermometer is available in several types as follows:

1. In-ear Infrared Thermometer: This is a mercury-free thermometer using infrared technology to check the body’s temperature. As the name implies, it measures the temperature by inserting its tip inside the ear. This type of thermometer is highly efficient for babies above 6 months old. It is highly beneficial to prevent cross-contamination and maintain proper hygiene. This thermometer does not let ear wax impact’s the functioning of the thermometer and bring accurate results.

2. Forehead Non-Contact Thermometer: The most common and highly efficient infrared thermometer is the forehead. Most commonly used in public and commercial areas, a forehead thermometer is placed near the forehead of the person to check the temperature in less than 3 seconds. The demand for this type of thermometer is rising rapidly as compared to mercury ones.

3. Multi-Functional Infrared Thermometer: This type of thermometer combines the functionalities of both forehead and in-ear type of temperature measuring device. It also measures the temperature of food items, liquids, rooms, and various surfaces. The demand for the multi-faceted infrared thermometer is rising steadily. And, it is effective to measure the temperature from adults to children.

Proven Advantages of Using Non-Contact Thermometer

The fight against COVID-19 is on and the world is ready to put an end to this contagious virus. The dramatic use of a non-contact thermometer is the initial step towards early screening of the infected individuals that offer the following few advantages:

* Cost-Effective: The proven features and mass production of infrared thermometers have resulted in a lower price of this medical equipment. Today, you will see many commercial areas, shops, malls, and other establishments have such thermometers to perform speedy screenings of people.

* Smaller Size: The handy-structure and lightweight of infrared thermometer make it the first choice of people to use it on several individuals. Battery operated thermometer does not a wire to connect with the mains and is limited to a specified area only.

* Fast Detection: The speed of measuring the person’s body temperature is less than 3 seconds. And, if you use the mercury operated thermometer, then it takes approximately a minute to measure. Thus, a non-contact thermometer is clinically proven to be effective and fast in operation.

Some of the Popular Non-Contact Thermometers Available Today

The marketplace is filled with so many varieties of infrared thermometers offered by leading personal protective equipment manufacturers. In this blog, we bring you here some of the popular variants.

a. Perfecxa Infrared Thermometer

It is a non-contact forehead thermometer to bring accurate body temperature within just 1 second. It  prevents the rapid spread of COVID-19 among people by quickly detecting the temperature without actually touching the skin. The single button usage thermometer of Perfecxa has a buzzer, easy to switch between degree C/degree F, lasting battery life, and a storage facility of 10 temperature sets.

b. AccuSure Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

AccuSure forehead infrared thermometer features high-precision sensor management technology to measure temperature in just 3 seconds. It helps in the early and fast diagnosis of an individual’s body temperature and contains the spread of the virus. Important features include automatic shut down after 1 minute, lasting battery life, switchable between degree C and degree F, buzzer, and storage capacity of 10 temperature sets.

Wrapping Up

 The increase in the COVID-19 situation results in extensive improvement and advancement in clinical technology. Non-contact Thermometer is the best example of an innovative medical device to detect fast body temperature without making any direct contact with the skin. You have the resource to stop the spread of coronavirus and best protect your family and friends around. Thus to avail the same, get in touch with Codefend as the leading personal protective equipments manufacturers around.


1. How Non-Contact Thermometer Works?

A non-contact thermometer works most simply and quickly. You have to hold the device and place it before the forehead without making any skin contact. The thermal radiation power of the device measures the surface temperature within just 3 seconds.

2. Is the Result of Non-Contact Thermometer Accurate?

Yes, infrared or better known as a non-contact thermometer provides accurate results while measuring the body temperature. The results are more accurate than a mercury-driven device.

3. Which is the Best Non-Contact Thermometer?

There are a plethora of non-contact thermometer brands available on the marketplace like AccuCure, Perfecxa, Catal, and more. You can select any brand of the device as per requirements and budget.

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