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Is There a Need to Wear Face Masks After Getting Vaccinated?

While a majority of the global population is getting fully vaccinated, many of us are still wondering when our lives will return to normal. But before you completely get rid of your face masks, experts advise that we will still need to wear masks and practice physical distancing a while longer, especially when in public. If you’re thinking about why you need to wear face masks after getting vaccinated, then this article has the answer for you.

Getting fully vaccinated does not mean that you can live your normal life before COVID-19. Until we reach a certain level of herd immunity, the vaccine against COVID-19 is now just acting as an additional layer of protection against COVID-19.

To reach some level of herd immunity, about 50-80% of the worldwide population will need to be fully vaccinated. And since it will take time to accelerate the production and distribution of the vaccines, people are advised to continue wearing their face masks.

However, there is some good news for the fully vaccinated individuals along with certain stipulations. According to the CDC, individuals who are fully vaccinated can now safely gather with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks. However, those who have got vaccinated need to wear face masks and maintain physical distance when in public settings. They also need to avoid medium-to-large gatherings, especially with those who are not yet vaccinated and are vulnerable to infection.

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Major Reasons to Wear Masks Even After You Get Fully Vaccinated

Here are some major reasons why it is important for fully vaccinated people to continue wearing face masks:

Vaccines Take Time to Be Fully Effective

You will not gain 95 percent of effectiveness until a couple of weeks after your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Once you take the first dose, you get only a partial immune response. If you’re taking Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you’re considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your first dose.

Vaccines Do Not Guarantee 100% Protection Against COVID-19

While the vaccines are extremely effective, they only provide 94% to 95% protection. There is still no way to find out who the remaining 5% will be who do not respond to the vaccine and will be at risk of getting infected.

Vaccinated Individuals Might Be Asymptomatic Spreaders

Vaccines were produced to prevent illness, however, more research is required to make sure if the vaccines also prevent infection transmission. There are possibilities that vaccinated individuals can still become infected without symptoms and then unintentionally spread it to others who are not yet vaccinated. If you’re vaccinated, you are less likely to fall ill and develop symptoms yourself. However, if you do not wear masks even after getting vaccinated, you could make the virus keep circulating. So, it’s important that we protect others who are still waiting for their turn to get vaccinated.

There’s a Need to Protect People with Poor Immune Systems and Those who are Refrained from Vaccination

Many people are having chronic medical conditions like heart disease and cancer are at risk of getting infected with COVID-19. Since this part of the population was not included in clinical trials, it can’t be assumed that they are going to have the same effectiveness rate. It is advised that if you have had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients present in the vaccine, you should not receive it. Also, if you had an allergic reaction after getting the first dose of the vaccine, the CDC does not recommend receiving the second dose either. Even pregnant women who are also regarded as high-risk and were not involved in clinical trials are not allowed to receive vaccines or preferring to get vaccinated after they give birth. So, if you’re vaccinated, it is recommended that you’re maintaining physical distance from those considered high-risk.

We Have Limited Dose of the Vaccine

There are over 330 million people in the USA. According to experts, 50% to 80% of the population will have to get vaccinated to reach herd immunity, which could take time, perhaps the end of 2021.

Final Thought

The vaccine does not put an end to the global pandemic. While we are hoping to return to our normal lives, it is important to practice everything that helps reduce the spread of the COVID-19.

We will still need to continue wearing face masks when in public, practice hand hygiene, and avoid large gatherings or crowds, and maintain physical distance when we are surrounded by people who are not fully vaccinated.

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Q.1. Will I be infected with COVID-19 even after getting vaccinated?

The truth is that no vaccine guarantees 100% protection against COVID-19. However, fully vaccinated people have lesser chances of contracting coronavirus. Such cases, also known as breakthrough infections, can lead to COVID-19-like symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Q.2. Are there any side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

According to reports, the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines range from mild to moderate and for a short term. They include fever, headache, fatigue, chills, muscle pain, diarrhea, and pain where you received the injection. The possibilities of any of the mentioned side effects vary based on the specific COVID-19 vaccine.

Q.3. I’m looking to buy face masks online? What type of face masks should I buy?

Ans. If you’re looking to buy face masks online, you should look for those made with at least two layers of fabric. It should properly cover your nose and mouth with no large gaps. It should have ear loops or ties for adjusting it. If you wear glasses, you should look for a face mask that has a blended border at the top so that you can adjust the mask to fit the bridge of your nose and prevent fogging of your glass. Medical-grade masks like N95 respirators, surgical masks, etc. should be kept reserved for frontline healthcare workers. Being one of the leading bulk PPE suppliers in the USA, we offer a wide range of face masks and other PPE items at an affordable price range.

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