Face Shield Vs Face Masks

Is Plastic Face Shield Not Safe Enough to Restrain Covid-19 Threat?

Wearing a face mask, sanitizing hands, and keeping social distance from people have become a new way of leading a healthy life.

Optimum protection needs to maintain, whether you are in the office, at the shopping, while going public transport, while at a salon or any other place. However, those who think that wearing a plastic material made Face Shield does the same to protect against Covid-19, need to read this before wearing it.

Recommendation of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA, wearing a surgical face mask is an effective way to stay away from airborne disease. It urges people to continue wearing a face mask while outside to prevent the movement of small air droplets shooting from your mouth or someone else’s enter your body.

The experts of the department also reflected on the fact that only wearing a plastic face shield or a visor is not at all 100% safe against the SARS-Cov-2 virus. People have to wear a face mask underneath the face shield to get an added layer of protection and avoid coming into contact with the virus.

Even, according to Dr Michael B. Edmond, who is a chief quality officer and associate chief medical officer for University of Iowa Health Care, and clinical professor of infectious diseases at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, claimed the fact that wearing a plastic made face shield can reduce the risk of Covid-19 but not fully prevent it

Despite the fact that plastic has a much better protection rate than a surgical mask, it prevents the droplets from being wiped out in the environment, still, people can inhale harmful elements while putting their visors on.

How Effective is your Face Shields?

There have been many studies that state the fact that face shield is still not that efficient to prevent the virus to enter the body. It is still recommended to wear a face as industrial units and companies investing more with wholesale face mask suppliers in the USA.

Talking about recent studies, according to the study published in Physics of Fluid, by AIP Publishing, several illustrations and visualizations have been used to monitor how effective a face shield is.

As per the study, the plastic made visor has the capacity to reduce the impact of Covid-19 to block the initial movement of a cough or a sneeze. Still, it cannot fully protect you from getting in contact with expelled droplets and later suffer from a disease.

Another study conducted in Switzerland stated the fact that none of the people tested positive for Covid-19 disease wearing a face mask. On the other side, a few of the people wearing a face shield got infected with the virus and tested positive.

From the above facts, it is clear that a face shield might not be the best option to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Whereas, wearing a face mask can definitely protect you at a great distance.

Do These Corrections to Wear Face Shield Safely

It is not fully restricted to the wearing of a face shield from the point of view of safeguarding against the virus. Still, there are few ways you can wear a shield with added protection layer and still stay safe for long.

  • Wear a Face Mask Inside the Face Shield: The best benefit you get from wearing a plastic made face shield is also wearing a face mask inside. Unless your shield is tightly fitted on the face, you will be needing an extra layer of protection to stay safe against Covid-19. Thus, add a shield of a surgical face mask under the existing plastic visor shield.
  • Make Sure to Wear Best Fitted Face Shield: The best way to wear a face shield is that it should come to the chin or below in the front. It should also reach your ears well and there should not be any gap left between the front of the shield and forehead. Any kind of gap will allow even a single airborne droplet to affect you at large.
  • Disinfect Face Shield After Every Use: Even CDC recommends to all the face shield wearers always clean and disinfect it after every single usage. Clean the shield using a detergent and warm water to remove the soil, dirt, and dust.

Where to Buy High-Quality Face Masks & Shields?

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Know the Real Value of Personal Protective Equipment Amid Covid-19 & Stay Protected

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