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Is COVID-19 Vaccine the Right Solution for Post Lockdown Safety Fears?

Although it was mandatory for people, especially healthcare workers and essential workers to wear Personal Protective Equipment for safety against the pandemic, there were questions and doubts regarding the effectiveness of the PPE in controlling the spread of the virus. Now that the COVID-19 vaccine has been introduced, the same are the questions and concerns regarding the protection against COVID-19. Some of the questions that are sure to pop into their minds include:

As one of the leading COVID-19 testing service providers and PPE suppliers in the USA, we have come across common questions that we’re frequently asked by people. We have answered the most frequently asked questions through this blog post to help you be mentally prepared for the COVID-19 vaccine. Take a look!

The Most Common Questions Asked about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Basically, the answer to all your COVID-19 safety-related questions lies in your immune system. Our immune systems can sometimes be either very adaptive or unpredictable. Since our immune systems have been significantly changing, it can be a quite challenging task to predict the behavior it adapts to the vaccine. So, let’s start with our first question about the COVID-19 vaccine:

  1. Can the vaccinated person still be a carrier of the coronavirus?

Our immune system and virus compete with each other. We are often hit by pathogens and disease-causing bacteria. We might be infected through bacteria or contaminants that may not make us fall ill at once, however, we are still spreading the virus to other people unknowingly. Generally, when we are given the vaccination, antibodies start producing to target and kill the virus inside our body. However, the produced antibodies start fading over time. So, when the virus arises again, a new batch of antibodies starts getting produced. If your immune system starts building these antibodies instantly, the rate of the spread of the virus gets low and vice versa.

  1. Will the COVID-19 vaccine be effective against the ever-evolving status of COVID-19?

The answer to this question will be given by the Memory-B cells. As the virus tends to change its nature, state, properties, and structure randomly, the Memory-B Cells will promptly show significant responsiveness over time. Since the Memory-B cells remember the infection and transform into antibody-producing cells, these cells serve as an important link in our immune systems. The inadaptability of the Memory-B cells is still a matter of concern when it comes to monitoring the virus’s growth and replication rate.

  1. How long will the COVID-19 vaccine be effective in protecting us all?

Well, the answer to this question depends on the memory of your immune system. If you’re infected with some of the naturally occurring infections, it can cure you for a lifetime. Vaccines that create antibodies trigger a natural infection that generates the immune response. However, in the case of COVID-19, the researchers and experts have reported that the Memory-B cells have played a crucial role for several months after being infected by COVID-19. However, it would be quite early to come to a conclusion when it comes to the natural degradation of the Memory B-cell protection. Therefore, you need to take regular precautions, use personal protective equipment gear whenever necessary and follow the best hand hygiene practices as much as you can.

  1. Will there be any long-term side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?

According to researchers and experts, the COVID-19 vaccination won’t have any long-term adverse effects on the body. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that in certain cases, the COVID-19 vaccination has caused minor, short-term side effects because of the body that is building protection against the infection. These effects may include:

• Mild pain and swelling in the arm where you’ve got the COVID-19 vaccine shot.
• Fever, headache, tiredness, chills, and other bodily effects that will be for the short term and will eventually fade away positively.

  1. Will a vaccinated person pose a risk to the other unvaccinated family members?

When a person gets vaccinated, he/she will not be a carrier of a live virus. So, there’s no risk of the vaccinated person spreading the infection to other unvaccinated members of the family. However, as uncertainties that vaccinated person may again turn into an asymptomatic carrier of the virus since he/she already has been infected once by the virus. There are possibilities that the virus can still reproduce in the body. In such a case, the COVID-19 infected person who got the vaccination may not show the COVID-19 symptoms due to the blocking of the infection done by the COVID-19 vaccination.

  1. How long do I need to wait to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

For this, you will need to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations imposed by the higher-level authorities. Considering the statements issued by the top-level authorities, the CDC has advised maintaining a 14-day time interval when it comes to getting the receipt of the COVID-19 and a non-COVID-19 vaccination. This duration is fixed irrespective of the order in which the receipts are received.

  1. Where should I go for the COVID-19 vaccination?

The answer to this question depends on the region where you live. Different states and regions have their own distribution plans for the COVID-19 vaccine. Based on the people infected in a particular region, the number of doses to be given, etc., each state is acting accordingly upon its distribution plan to meet the specific needs of the people. The COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans are being implemented under the CDC guidance.
As one of the reliable COVID-19 testing service providers and PPE suppliers in the USA, we recommend you check your state health department websites regularly to be informed about the latest COVID-19 vaccine distribution updates.

  1. Will lockdowns impose any kind of restrictions be imposed on me after I get vaccinated?

Even after you get vaccinated, you need to strictly follow the recommended public health and safety measures. You need to understand that the risk of the asymptomatic infection is still a major concern for everyone who has been infected with the virus earlier as they might spread the infection without showing any of the COVID-19 symptoms.

Co-Defend Is Always Ready to Support You in the Fight against COVID-19

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