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Why Infrared Thermometers are Crucial During COVID-19

Non-contact temperature assessment devices may be used as an initial check at entry points to identify and triage people. As states and communities implement reopening plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when the devices are used correctly, temperature assessment may have a limited impact on reducing the spread of COVID-19 infections.  

According to some studies, temperature measurements alone may miss more than half of infected people. Although an elevated temperature is one way to identify a person having a COVID-19 infection, an infected person may be contagious even if they do not have a high temperature. 

Types of thermometers 

Here are the three thermometers used to measure a person’s temperature in homes, hospitals, and public places. 

Mercury thermometers  

It uses mercury inside the glass to measure the body’s temperature. Mercury thermometers were once the most popular, but they are now not recommended because they can break and allow toxic mercury to escape. 

Digital thermometers  

It uses electronic heat sensors to measure body temperature. Before COVID, these were extremely popular. To estimate the temperature thermometer is placed in the mouth or armpit. However, this requires direct contact, which leads to the virus spreading further.  

Infrared thermometers  

They are non-contact thermometers that allow you to measure the temperature of your forehead without touching your skin. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, infrared thermometers are becoming the most commonly used medical device. It helps in the quick and accurate measurement of body temperature. 

Infrared thermometers amid COVID-19 

The Infrared thermometer is becoming increasingly popular due to its quick measurement and high level of accuracy. The number of coronavirus cases is rapidly increasing, and because fever is a key symptom, it is critical to take people’s temperatures everywhere there is a large gathering. 

Infrared thermometers are an effective tool for measuring body temperature accurately and frequently. You can contact the can medical thermometer manufacturers in the USA. Such factors are likely to drive demand for infrared thermometers. You do not need physical contact with the person tested using an infrared thermometer.  

Variety of infrared thermometers 

An infrared thermometer is the best choice for ease of use and speed. However, it classifies into several types based on their intended use and function. Non-contact thermometers are divided into two categories tympanic thermometers and non-contact infrared thermometers. 

Tympanic (Ear-mode) thermometer 

An infrared thermometer measures temperature from the ear drum. It measures thermal radiation emitted by the tympanic membrane and the ear canal and provides results in seconds. The use of infrared tympanic membrane thermometers is advantageous. The tympanic membrane directly reflects the core temperature. 

Non-contact infrared thermometer 

It measures the temperature of the user’s forehead and displays the results on a back screen. A non-contact infrared thermometer has the advantage of being able to measure the temperature of the forehead from a greater distance than a tympanic thermometer. Contact non-contact medical thermometer suppliers for a genuine buy. 

Places to use an infrared thermometer 

We know we are carriers of this disease while being unaware of it as we fight this pandemic. By the time we find out, it may be too late because the virus will have done its damage. 

We cannot eliminate the risk of the virus spreading, but we can reduce it. The country is taking every possible precaution, including temperature screening, as fever is one of the vital symptoms. 

The infrared thermometer is used in the following places: 


It acquired infections are on the rise as more infected patients seek treatment. Many people visit hospitals, and it is impossible to test each one for COVID. As a result, healthcare professionals employ an infrared thermometer to obtain firsthand information about the suspected COVID-19 symptom. 


An airport is where people travel from various national and international borders. There is a possibility that people are infected. If they have any potential symptoms, an IR thermometer can detect them. 


Even though we try to stay home, we still need to go out to get the necessities for daily life. Even after being shielded, there is a chance that you will become infected. In the event of a symptom, use an infrared thermometer to monitor your body temperature. 

How to properly use a non-contact infrared thermometer? 

Users of non-contact IR thermometers should be aware of additional limiting factors to avoid misunderstanding. 


Holding the device too far can result in inaccurate readings. The manufacturer specifies the recommended distance for any non-contact IR thermometer. It is worth noting that this distance is frequently less than two inches. 


Different body parts, including the forehead, will be at different temperatures at any time. IR thermometers should place by the manufacturer’s instructions, which are not universal. Proper placement may be in the center of the forehead in some cases and over the temporal artery in others. 

Surface properties 

The presence of sweat, dust, scar tissue or tropical substances may all affect skin temperature measured with a non-contact IR thermometer. It recommends following the producer’s recommendations in this area. 

Environmental range 

The temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment can affect an infrared thermometer. Every IR thermometer has a limited range of environmental conditions in which accurate readings are assured as specified by the manufacturer. 

Conclusion: These are some of the reasons why NCIT-based mass screening programs for SARS-CoV-2 infections are ineffective. As above-mentioned, are some of the best uses of Infrared thermometers. Contact medical thermometer manufacturers in the USA for availing according to your needs. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1.How far away should an infrared thermometer be held? 

Ans 1.Keep the thermometer probe at the center of the forehead and a distance of less than 1.18in (3cm). 

Q2.What is the best place to use an infrared thermometer? 

Ans 2.Traditional thermometers are suitable for use in the armpit, mouth, behind the ear, and rectum. 

Q3.Do you use a forehead thermometer to touch your skin? 

Ans3.Remote thermometers, also known as no-contact thermometers, can measure body temperature without touching the skin. 

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