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COVID-19: Should You Get Tested?

Covid-19 made the year 2020 quite miserable for all humankind. However, we humans are known for enduring the pain and coming out stronger than ever. That’s how our species survived for a longer time. As a countermeasure, we performed testing on a large scale to battle this virus and for the first time, it seems like the world is working together to beat this. We are now stronger than ever and will live long enough to tell our tale. As of 1st Jan, the US has conducted around 2 Billion testings, maintaining a 700k testing per million ratio. Furthermore, Personal protective equipment companies have now become one of the most important industries in the US. PPE Suppliers are matching the demands with their bulk supplies and bulk manufacturing with minimum cost to meet the requirements.

However, now that every major country started rolling out vaccines as per their research, one question starts to linger in everyone’s mind. Should we get tested? Or not? Where to go for Testing? Why is it not mandatory for everyone? Right now, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made testing mandatory for two primary groups of individuals: People who are demonstrating symptoms (fever, hack, windedness) and individuals who have been in contact with a contaminated individual.

Who should get tested?

There is a lot of discussion about this, however, specialists concur that, at the present time, testing for everybody simply is not possible.

The CDC says those in high-hazard groups are the priority: Health care laborers, individuals with manifestations adequately serious to require clinical consideration, and individuals with age than 65 with a constant medical issue, and so on.

Moreover, Timing matters: Being tested within the initial days of contact or having Asymptomatic even after 5-8 days of contraction is as of now suspected to give the most precise result. Testing too soon or past the point of no return could miss the contamination (an alleged “false negative” result). For instance, while getting back from a trip, instant testing is probably not going to give you complete data about exposure during your excursion. Please be informed that a negative COVID-19 test outcome doesn’t really supersede privately ordered quarantine where these measures are set up.

Why not Mass testing

The testing procedure is quite easy – a Swab from your nose is all it needs to confirm if you’ve contracted the disease or not. However, it’s not the testing procedure but the testing equipment and kits that are creating a nuisance. There are 2 types of major testing being performed as of now:

PCR Test:

PCR tests are utilized to recognize whether you have the COVID-19 disease or not. This is the most precise test for COVID as it identifies the infection’s genetic material. It very well may be utilized to distinguish disease for those with and without manifestations utilizing a nasal or throat swab.

Rapid Antigen Test:

Rapid antigen tests identify explicit proteins on the outside of the infection. For individuals who have dynamic indications of disease, antigen tests are truly adept at deciding if the symptoms are because of COVID-19 or not. While antigen tests can be perused in practically no time, they’re less delicate than PCR tests, and in this way more clinically valuable among suggestive patients. Appropriately, we suggest PCR for most patients, however, your doctor will figure out what kind of testing is ideal for your novel conditions during your visit.

Where can I get tested?

For testing, the best possible way is to get in touch with your personal doctor or nearest Covid center. From there, you’ll get a detailed understanding of the procedure, the symptoms, your condition based on those underlined symptoms, and the type of test you require. If contracted via connection, most probably, you’ll be automatically contacted by the authorities via tracking. If not, take precautions like wearing PPE kits while visiting any public place or traveling. Get in touch with your nearest Bulk PPE suppliers and avail the protective shield now.

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Q1. Are you Immune to Covid-19 if you get it once?

Ans. As of now, it is not confirmed if you are immune to the virus or not once you had it. Research is still going on. However, as per some Vaccine developers, it is tested that an individual develops the immunity to fight the virus after vaccination. But these claims are still debatable as the timeline to develop a vaccine has been shortened, hence, the time to measure the side effects of vaccines are still not clear.

Q2. Can people with mild Covid-19 symptoms recover at home?

Ans. Yes, it has been found via numerous results that people who face mild symptoms of Covid-19 can recover at home only, provided that they are quarantined at the right time to ensure there’s no further spread.

Q3. Can the virus spread through feces?

Ans. Although it has been found that the virus may cause some type of intestinal infection, there is no evidence of fecal-oral transmission of the virus to date.

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