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How to Check If Your 3M N95 Respiratory Masks are Counterfeit?

COVID-19 is a deadly virus, and we are all supposed to use some barrier to avoid infection. So using face masks, respirators, overalls, and other protective equipment are crucial things. The 3M N95 respirator mask not only protects you from infection but also hot and humid environments. But how can you tell if  the 3M N95 is genuine or a forgery?

If you want to know what mask you have, closely look at how to purchase masks. 

An overview of 3M N95 8210 particulate respirator mask 

The 3M N95 respirator mask filters out potentially harmful microbes. It also allows you to breathe fresh air. It is a reusable and disposable mask that is ideal for any outdoor activity.

Furthermore, it prevents any microbes from entering your path to breathe. Moreover, it reduces inhalation exposure to certain biological particles in the air. Such as mold, Bacillus anthracis, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

You can  buy 3M N95 respirator masks  from reputed wholesale retailers. It cannot, however, eliminate the risk of contracting an infection, illness, or disease. 

3M masks possess advanced electrostatically charged microfiber filter technology. And this ensures a simple breathing process. Overall, it works well in any weather. Furthermore, the face mask protects from harmful microbes and pollutants. 

How to check a buy a genuine 3M N95 mask? 

Here are some pointers to check if your 3M N95 respirator mask is real. 

Check the markings 

You should check for markings outside the mask. Because a blank N95 is a dead giveaway that it is a forgery. Ensure your face mask has the ‘NIOSH’ logo or its name on it. Because it ensures that the face masks have been verified by reputable medical organizations such as the CDC and NIOSH. You can buy 3M N95 respirator masks from reputed wholesale retailers.

As a registered trademark, you can also see the brand manufacturer’s name on the mask. Be wary of NIOSH approval misprinting. The face mask should bear an alphanumeric model number. It is also suggested that the face mask include the lot number. 

Look at fit 

The N95 respirator mask includes two bands that wrap around the back of the head and neck. As a result, it creates a seal around the nose and mouth.

If a face mask has ear loops rather than headbands, it is not a genuine N95 respirator. So, double-check that your mask is an N95 respirator with two straps that fit around your head.  

Examine the retailer 

You should not consume everything your seller gives you as a responsible buyer. If you purchase a 3M N95 mask online or from a wholesale retailer in the United States. 

As a result, the CDC advises buyers to investigate each retailer’s history and dealings with safety masks. Check for fake face masks, price fluctuations, and deviations for each buyer. You can buy 3M N95 respirator masks from reputed wholesale retailers. Don’t just take advertisements at face value.

Check to see if the third-party website is suspicious, out of date, or has broken links, which indicate that the website is fraudulent. 

The best way to ensure you’re getting a genuine mask is to buy it directly from a NIOSH-approved manufacturer. 

Directions to use 3M N95 mask: 

  • Before putting on your place respirator mask, stretch it. You can see the face and how the respirator is positioned over the nose and mouth. 
  • Begin by pulling the top strap over your head, the back of your head, and above your ears. 
  • Pull the bottom strap over your head and around your neck. 
  • Now, press the nose part to the shape of the nose to effectively seal off the air. 
  • Examine the fit of your respirator and your face.  

Quick tips for 3M N95 8210 respirator mask: 

  • Before using a mask, read the instructions and precautions. It makes it easier to put on a face mask. Improper application of the face mask may pose health risks. 
  • We should not share our masks with friends or family. Because it increases the possibility of contamination. And which, in turn, endangers the health of your loved ones. 
  • Remember that the 3M N95 face mask is only for personal use. 
  • You should keep your face and hands clean at all times. 
  • Check to see if you have an infection or the flu. 
  • Check that your respirator mask isn’t damaged in any way. 
  • Examine the expiry date and whether the mask is packed properly. 
  • Before using, the wearer must read and comprehend the product packaging’s user instructions. 

Storage and safety information of 3M N95 face masks: 

  • If breathing is difficult, change the mask. 
  • After each use, wash and completely dry them. 
  • Wash your hands gently. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron, dry clean, or wring; instead, allow it to drip dry in the shade. 
  • Individual use only and not to be shared. 
  • Before and after wearing the mask, thoroughly wash your hands. 
  • Before using, carefully read the label. 
  • Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. 
  • Prevent physical damage and soiling. 

Conclusion: 3M N95 respirator mask offers you double-layered protection from any harmful pollutants entering your body. And you should also keep a check how you buy and use them. 


Q1.How many times can a 3M N95 mask be used? 

Between uses, 3M N95 respirators should be stored in a clean, dry place. 

Q2.What are the constraints of an N95 mask? 

One of the limitations of an N95 respirator is that it does not fit children and cannot be properly adapted to fit a child. 

Q3.Why do 3M masks go bad? 

Components such as the strap and nose foam may degrade over time, affecting the fit and seal quality. 

Contact N95 mask retailers in the USA for a genuine buy.

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