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Tips on How to Buy from 3 Ply Non-medical Masks Suppliers Online

Using face masks has become an integral part of our daily lives today and we greatly rely on them to ensure protection against the coronavirus. Face masks also protect people from airborne viruses, allergens, bacteria, and from an infected person sneezing and coughing in public areas. Therefore, it is important to find the right face mask to get maximum protection from the transmission of infection. You can choose to buy from one of the 3 ply non-medical masks suppliers online and order this face mask to breathe comfortably. 

As one of the trusted wholesale PPE suppliers in the USA, Co-Defend offers high-quality and durable 3 ply non-medical masks online at reasonable prices. If you’re looking to buy this type of face mask online, Co-Defend is the right place to be. 

Why Choose 3 Ply Non-Medical Masks? 

3 ply non-medical mask for COVID-19 is an excellent product for better protection against infection. They help in protecting people in a better way than any other type of personal protective equipment. These masks have an inner layer that is gentle and soft on the skin. It is fluid-resistant and comfortable to wear. Its soft elastic ear loop comes with a skin-friendly material that makes it more preferable for people who like wearing light things the whole day.  Moreover, it can reduce the pressure on your ears. So, using a 3 ply non-medical mask for COVID-19 can be the best option. 

3 ply non-medical masks are suitable for all. People can use them while going in public places to get maximum protection against infection, dust, and pollution. These face masks are perfect to use while maintaining social distancing. It is possible to buy these masks from trusted and authorized 3 ply non-medical masks suppliers online. 

However, when choosing a face mask, there have to be certain factors that need to be considered. You must choose a face mask accordingly and consider their usage and the protection level they will provide.  

How to Buy from 3 Ply Non-medical Masks Suppliers Online? 

Currently, there is an increased demand for face masks in the market. We all are witnessing an imbalance between demand and supply. Today, it has become costly to purchase a durable face mask than other medical supplies. You should carefully check the price of the 3 ply non-medical mask for COVID-19 available online and choose one of the most trusted 3 ply non-medical masks suppliers online that provide the best offer. 

Medical equipment and devices are regulated based on their prices. Regulations ensure product quality. They ensure that the product is valuable and poses no health risks to the buyer. Buy only FDA-approved masks from one of the reputed and trusted wholesale PPE suppliers 

Make sure the supplier has a secure website and payment gateway option. Choose a site that protects sensitive information and make a purchase by taking every detail into account. Consider their shipping charges, methods, and the estimated time of delivery. Double-check the price on bulk order delivery and then place an order accordingly. 

Co-Defend is one of the leading wholesale PPE suppliers in the USA offering high-quality PPE items including face masks at the best market price. Contact us to place your orders today! 


Q.1. What is a 3 ply face mask? 

Ans. 3 ply face masks are suitable for daily use for adults and children. These masks provide 3 layers of protection against viruses, bacteria, and other contaminated, large droplets or body fluids. They are very breathable and comfortable to wear. 3 ply non-medical masks are a perfect choice for facial coverings. 

Q.2. Are 3 ply face masks washable? 

Ans. 3 ply face masks are washable and can be reused. They have 2 layers of cotton and the middle layer of microdot fusing. These face masks save the person from droplets and dust. However, it is wise to dispose of the mask if it becomes visibly dirty or wet. 

Q.3. Which is the best face mask for protection against COVID-19? 

Ans. The best face mask for protection against COVID-19 is the N-95 mask. However, it is used by healthcare workers. The general public can use other types of non-medical face masks that provide good protection against infection. 

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