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Types of Face Masks to Use to Fight Against the New Omicron Virus

By now, it’s needless to say that we should wear masks when in public. As new variants of COVID-19 are emerging, people must continue wearing masks when going anywhere outside their homes. But, what type of face masks should we use to protect ourselves from the new COVID-19 variants like Omicron?  

With the emergence of numerous mask wholesale distributors and manufacturers, there are no more mask shortages and DIY options for hospitals, frontline workers, and the general public. However, face masks are still in demand as the newest Omicron strain is spreading like fire all over the world. 

With a wide range of available PPE like the popular KN95 and N95 masks, 3M N95 masks, and the most common blue medical masks, to name a few, it’s difficult to understand which mask to wear. 

However, the level of protection required varies depending on the situation. The higher risk of exposure to COVID-19, the more protection is needed. 

Types of Face Masks Available For You 

KN95 Mask 

According to the CDC, in situations that require prolonged close contact with the general public, people must wear face masks always. In such situations, you can use KN95 masks identified on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization List for effective protection. These masks are ideal for riding on trains, airplanes, and vehicles with unknown people.  

Also, these masks are essential for hospital settings and public-facing activities. KN95 masks come in individually wrapped packages and have standard ear loops or an adjustable head strap.  

KN95 Masks for Kids 

The KN95 mask for children provides effective protection as it properly fits their faces and covers their nose, mouth, and chin better than adult masks. 

These masks are also individually packed. It’s wise to give these masks to your children when sending them on the school bus, or during air travel. 

N95 Surgical Mask 

It is one of the most popular types of face masks available in the market. N95 surgical masks are perfect for healthcare workers and people who are visiting their loved ones in the hospital. 

The FDA website describes N95 respirators as a respiratory protective device that closely fits your face and effectively filters airborne particles. The edges of the respirator completely seal around the mouth, nose and chin. This type of mask is mostly used in hospitals and medical centers. 

As one of the top mask wholesale distributors, Co-Defend offers the best N95 respirator masks approved by the FDA and NIOSH. 

N95 Respirator Mask 

This type of face mask was available before the pandemic also. It is very effective in protecting against non-virus-related things such as construction work, woodworking, and other debris and dusty activities. 

It is more comfortable to wear and perform the jobs as they have a great seal, preventing particles from entering your nose and mouth. It also keeps you from spreading the infection to others. 

So, if you have a cleaning project, construction work, or need to work in a dusty area, you should prefer to use the best N95 respirator masks for your work. 

Surgical 3-Layer Mask 

It is one of the most common types of face masks intended for everyday use. Surgical 3-layer masks not only provide you protection against COVID-19 but also against infectious flu viruses such as influenza types A and B, bird flu, swine flu, measles, MERS, SARS, and other airborne bacteria. 

Surgical 3-layer masks and other medical procedure masks are designed for public use and are often sold as single-use or disposable face masks. When buying these masks from a mask wholesale distributor, make sure to check the labels to ensure that they are composed of multi-layered and non-woven fabric. 

3-Ply Face Mask 

It is a great option for performing low-risk activities. The most common ones available in the market are the blue, 3-ply face masks. The CDC recommends the use of this face mask for the general public either for their personal use or lower-risk activities. They can even use it under a cloth mask for higher-risk exposures. 

When buying a 3-ply face mask, make sure to buy one with a nose wire to avoid air leakage at the top of the mask. Nose-wired face masks can also help prevent fogging of eyeglasses.  

Kid’s 3 Layer Mask 

As responsible parents, protecting your children against the virus is your main priority. So, you must find a mask that fits their faces perfectly and is comfortable to breathe through.  

Unlike other masks, 3-ply face masks were made to be smaller to fit a kid’s proportion. It generally measures 14.5cm by 9.5cm. Kid’s disposable 3-ply face masks have elastic ear hooks. The inner lining of the mask is composed of soft facial tissue. It is non-pigmented and soft to the human skin. The filter membrane of the mask is made using fabrics of high safety standards. Both children and adults can wear 3-layer disposable masks to protect themselves against the virus when going out in the public. These face masks also help in keeping your respiratory system healthy and protect your breathing. 

Choose from the Various Types of Face Masks at Co-Defend 

So, these are the most common types of face masks available in the market. Before you go to one of the mask wholesale distributors to buy a face mask, make sure you know the type of face mask you need for your children and yourself as well as the intensity of the risk exposure you will face. 

At Co-defend, we offer a wide range of masks, including N95 respirators, medical-grade masks, disposable masks, 3-ply face masks, and 3M N95 masks for sale in bulk. Contact us to place your bulk order. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1. How do I clean disposable face masks? 

Ans. If you want to reuse your disposable face mask, you can do so by immersing it in boiling water for a few minutes and then hanging it out to dry. You can do this up to 10 times. When they become worn or torn out, you can dispose of them. 

Q.2. How to make a mask fit properly? 

Ans. You can follow the below steps to make your mask fit properly: 

  • Pinch your mask’s nose wire 
  • Try wearing it with a cloth mask over the top 
  • Tie the ear loops of the mask, then fold and tuck the excess fabric under the edges. 
  • Try pulling back your mask’s ear loops and securing them together with a hair clip. 

Q.3. How to choose the best face mask? 

Ans. You need to consider the following points before you buy a face mask from a mask wholesale distributor. 

  • Your level of contamination risk 
  • The fit of the face mask 
  • The material’s filtration capability 
  • Breathing comfort 

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