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Significance of Placing Hand Sanitizers at Workplaces Amid COVID-19

Are you getting your workplace ready for COVID-19? Make sure you make the placement of hand sanitizers at workplaces a part of your workplace hygiene routine to avoid the risk of the spread of coronavirus. Read this article to understand the significance of placing hand sanitizers at workplaces during the global pandemic. If you’re looking to buy hand sanitizers online, simply get in touch with us to place your orders.

At workplaces, your co-workers use their hands to write up a report shake hands with clients or colleagues, open doors, use common things, and do much more which exposes their hands to infectious germs and bacteria. An increased number of sick employees within the organization is linked to lower productivity, costing employers $225.8 billion annually in the U.S. since 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands, it’s important to practice an effective hand hygiene program at workplaces.

Implementing proper hand hygiene at workplaces can significantly reduce absenteeism and associated costs by 40%. While washing hands with soap and water is the most effective way to ensure hands are properly washed and free from germs, it isn’t always a viable option. And this is why using hand sanitizers is the best alternative solution. According to the WHO and the CDC, hand sanitizer is one of the best weapons to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. So, by placing hand sanitizers in strategic zones throughout the office, and other common, high-traffic areas, you can encourage employees to use them, improve hand hygiene, and make the office a safer and healthier working place.

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Why Should You Use Hand Sanitizers?

When soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizers can do the needful. By using hand sanitizers, you cannot only reduce your risk of infection but also spread fewer germs to others, and fall ill. Here are some of the facts and figures that favor the idea of placing hand sanitizers at workplaces.

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers (with 60-70% of alcohol content) can kill about 97% of the germs on your hands.
  • Practicing proper hand hygiene can reduce absenteeism at the office by up to 40%.
  • Employees using hand sanitizers at least 5 times a day are about 67% less likely to fall ill.
  • Using hand sanitizers for 30 seconds can reduce as many germs as two minutes of handwashing.
  • Workplaces implementing a hand sanitation program have reported 24% fewer claims for hand hygiene preventable infections and diseases.

So, you see a few drops of hand sanitizer can work wonders for your organization. There will be fewer employees falling sick and an overall healthier environment will be maintained. As one of the leading hand sanitizer, medical device, and bulk PPE suppliers in the USA, Co-Defend offers a wide collection of high-quality hand sanitizers, PPE gear, and other medical supplies at the most reasonable prices. So, whether you’re looking to buy PPE or hand sanitizers in bulk, we have got you covered.

Where Should You Place Hand Sanitizers at the Workplace?

You may not realize but every single inch of your office could be covered in germs. However, there are certain surefire danger zones that you need to pay special attention to. Make sure you place hand sanitizers at the following key areas:

  • Office Entrances and Exits

A doorknob or handle could potentially be the cause of the spread of infection or illness within an organization. Studies have revealed that within 2 to 4 hours, a virus resting on a doorknob was picked up by 40-60% of employees and visitors within the facility. Apart from frequently disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, and other more often touched surfaces within your workplace, make sure to provide a hand sanitizing station nearby to reduce the spread of the virus.

  • Kitchens, Food Courts, and Break Rooms

It is always advised to wash hands before eating anything because consuming food with germ-ridden hands can make you fall sick or infected with several diseases. According to an NSF International study, the germiest hotspots in an office are kitchens and break rooms. Though hand sanitizer is not a replacement for anyone who cooks food, it can help kill certain germs. 

  • Conference Halls and Meeting Rooms

Conference halls and meeting rooms are the busiest places as these are often packed with employees, clients, and other visitors who shake hands and exchange germs. By placing a hand sanitizing station at the entrance, at the table, or any other accessible area, you can encourage employees and visitors to sanitize their hands before and after the meeting takes place to avoid the spread of the infection.

  • At Every Employee Desk

Desks, computer keyboards, and mouses, phones, etc. are highly exposed to germs and viruses and can be key germ transfer points as employees touch them very often. Since employees spend the majority of their working hours at their desks where they work, eat, drink, and even cough and sneeze, these desks can be a minefield of germs and viruses that can live on the surface for up to 3 days. Therefore, placing hand sanitizers at employee desks improves hand hygiene and keeps it within reach.

  • Near Lifts and Elevators

Your employees might be pressing floor numbers or the open/close arrows after coughing into their hands, eating, or using the washroom. Unsurprisingly, about 61% of elevator buttons are contaminated with germs. So, make sure to place a hand sanitizing station on every floor.

  • Outside the Washroom

Many people think that germs are gone when they leave the washroom. However, this is not always true. It has been found that only 3% of people wash their hands properly. Keeping a hand sanitizer outside the washroom door is a great backup option to prevent the spread of germs or viruses.

  • Cash Counters

You might receive paper money that has been given by a person who might have eaten, coughed, or sneezed into his hands, or came out of the restroom. Since paper money is circulated within people, it is more likely to contain pathogens. After handling cash, it is important to clean your hands properly, especially when you’re going to eat food shortly afterward. Keeping hand sanitizers at cash counters reminds people to practice hand hygiene when it’s needed the most.

  • High-traffic Zones

High-traffic regions like healthcare facilities, mall hallways, airport terminals, and recreational centers should provide hand sanitizing stations to protect visitors against infections as much as possible. Placing hand sanitizers does not only keeps high-traffic areas clean and hygienic but also helps improve the image of the healthcare facility, mall, airport, or recreational center.

Moreover, the administrative authorities of these high-traffic areas should not only partner with hand sanitizer suppliers but also with bulk PPE suppliers in the USA to ensure there’s an adequate supply of hand sanitizers and PPE gear. If you’re looking to buy hand sanitizers online, Co-Defend is just one click away!

Things to Consider Before You Buy Hand Sanitizers Online

When you buy hand sanitizers online, make sure you buy an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60-70% of alcohol content. The higher the concentration, the more effective the hand sanitizer will be in killing germs. Search for hand sanitizers having a 5-log minimum kill rate (99.999%) which are 100 times more effective than 3-log (99.9%) hand sanitizers

You can also look for foam hand sanitizers as 84% of adults prefer using foam hand sanitizer over sticky get sanitizers. It’s also good to use hand sanitizers that contain moisturizers as it can prevent skin dryness. These are perfume and dye-free to reduce potential allergic skin reactions and irritations.

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Practice Proper Hand Hygiene at Workplaces

Implementing a complete hand hygiene program is more important than just providing the right products. You must not only provide your employees and visitors with hand sanitizing stations but also encourage them to use them correctly and appropriately.

You can put up posters and notice boards or provide leaflets, internal newsletters to remind employees to clean hands and offer quick, easy facts about practicing hand hygiene. These resources must also provide information on how to use and apply hand sanitizers correctly and according to the guidelines issued by the WHO. Everyone must ensure that the correct amount of hand sanitizer is used and spread to cover all areas of both hands.

In addition to these, you should conduct educational seminars and meetings throughout the year to educate, train, and remind employees on how they can improve their health by practicing hand hygiene.

You can also buy hand sanitizer in bulk or partner with local hand sanitizer suppliers to ensure adequate stock of products at the workplace. Lastly, you can remind or grant sick leaves to employees who are sick to keep germs away from the workplace and other healthy co-workers.

Completely Sanitize Your Office

Using hand sanitizers reduces many harmful germs that could infect healthy employees with the flu and other viruses. To keep your workplace a healthy and productive environment, it is important to consider the health of your employees. Providing alcohol-based sanitizers for employees, at every desk, and in high-traffic areas is just as crucial as providing the right product and tools to do their job.

Use Hand Sanitizers to Advertise Your Business

Besides keeping your workplace healthy and thriving environment, hand sanitizers can also be used to promote your business.

  • Trade Shows

Trade shows generally have large crowds, which means there are higher chances of the existence of germs everywhere and people getting infected. If you offer good sanitizer as giveaways, your booth can turn out to be the most visited place. You can use this opportunity to promote your business.

  • Fundraisers

People can buy hand sanitizer in bulk or a few bottles at a 5K, sporting event, or an auction. You can use this opportunity to raise funds for your organization or noble cause.

  • Grand Openings or Inaugurations

If you’re a new business in the city, you can create a positive impression of your brand by providing pocket sanitizers for the crowd. People will remember your brand every time they use your gifted hand sanitizers.

  • Community Events and Occasions

If you’re a startup or small business, you might go to festivals or fairs to promote your brand. You can offer hand sanitizers as gifts to attract visitors to your booth.

Final Thought

So, you see hand sanitizers are good for more than just fighting against germs and viruses. They can be a great way to bring more attention to your business. If you don’t want to fall ill at the workplace because of pesky germs and viruses, you should consider placing hand sanitizers at your office to stay clean, healthy, and ready for work.

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